Local Info


Mississippi Mills is served by several local news sources, three that are available in paper and online, and one that is pure e-news. Links are offered here to help you keep informed on local news, events and activities.

The Almonte Press club, a group of mostly retired media professionals, launched the Millstone News, an electronic newspaper, June 4, 2011. Check it out at http://www.millstonenews.com/. You can subscribe to news feeds.

Mississippi Mills' great arts and community monthly, The Humm, is available online at:

You can get most of the EMC online at: http://www.emcalmontecarletonplace.ca


For information on town events and businesses, visit
http://exploremississippimills.ca/ and http://www.localmississippimills.com/

Local Government

Visit the Mississippi Mills web site.
Visit the town library web site.