Embracing Change: Investing in High-Speed Internet

We are fortunate in Mississippi Mills to have a group of residents who, over the last few months, have dedicated hundreds of hours to bringing high-speed Internet to our town, both the rural and urban parts. The group, who call themselves MM2020 or the broadband working group, have badgered the big telcos (Bell and Rogers) to extend high-speed services to our town.

So far, they have managed to convince Bell to extend a 100 megabits line to the town admin building, and they have encouraged Bell to consider Clayton, Appleton and Blakeney as part of their rural expansion in the next few years. They are working with a small, local broadband supplier to apply for federal funding to begin the expansion of high-speed into Mississippi Mills.

A CRTC ruling in December stated that internet download speeds of at least 50 megabits per second (Mbps) and upload speeds of at least 10 Mbps will now be considered a “basic telecom service” for every home. So, the timing for MM2020 is perfect.

I urge you to read a letter in the Millstone News by high-tech entrepreneur Nathan Rudyk about the economic benefits of high-speed internet.

And view this video from MM2020, which further highlights the future of distributed business in a high-speed internet world.

And to see how far behind we are, view this video also created by MM2020. We are near the bottom in Canada for bandwidth.

The MM2020 group is one example of a resident organization that quietly works to advance our town. Groups who are against things get attention but limited results. Groups that are for things benefit our quality of life and economy.


Linda Berg said...

Looking forward to seeing improvements from the service providers. The sooner, the better. Thanks to all those individuals on the task force who are pushing forward on this project.

Anonymous said...

For clarification are these speeds "to the home" or "to the node" because those are entirely different things. If you were not made aware of the difference it is enormous and not something that should go undisclosed as it has here. If we are discussing "to the home" speeds than this article is fine but if you are talking about "to the node" speeds this entire article is woefully misleading.

Shaun J. McLaughlin said...

To Anonymous: The 50-10 Mbps CRTC mandate is to the home. That is what MM2020 are aiming for. Thanks for asking.