Two Tons of Fresh Food for the Food Bank

For the second year, gardeners in Mississippi Mills triumphed in the Great Veggie Grow-off with Carleton Place and Beckwith Township. Organized by the Neighbourhood Tomato, the competition challenges each municipality to donate fresh garden produce to the Lanark Food Bank between May 1 and the Thanksgiving weekend.

CP Mayor Louis Antonakos and Beckwith Reeve Richard Kidd joined me for the veggie kick-off in May. (Photo by Kelly Kent.)
This year, the community effort almost doubled last year’s haul with 4070 pounds. Of that, our gardeners delivered 3107 pounds (76% of total), a 43% increase over last year. Carleton Place (925 pounds) produced the most per square kilometer and Beckwith (38 pounds) more than doubled its contribution from last year.

I donated beans, lettuce, peppers, potatoes and squash from my garden. Like other gardeners, I am now planting extra for the food bank.

The Almonte library made donating food easy by serving as a drop-off point, where volunteer drivers could swing by on the way to the food bank in Carleton Place. Thanks to Pam Harris and staff for that.
Karen Lomas from the food bank awards Mississippi Mills the trophy bowl (donated by potter Ian Paige) for the second year. (Photo by David Hincks.)
For 2016, we can do even better as the word spreads among neighbourhood growers.