Gathering Allies to Our Cause

At the all-candidates meeting in Almonte October 9, 2014, I outlined a strategy Council could take to gain some control over the proposed Enerdu hydro expansion. A key part of that plan was to seek allies.

I firmly believe every town should have some authority over any industrial project in its urban center. I believe that any town with a river running through its urban core faces the same threat we do when it comes to hydro projects that are exempt from local control. We know best what suits our civic culture and neighbourhoods.

Last night a solid majority of the Committee of the Whole passed a resolution that begins the process of gathering allies. It asks the Province for authority over hydro development in our urban center and it asks other town councils to help us in attaining that goal. After Council passes the resolution in January, we will begin sending the resolution to towns across Ontario asking for their support.

Here is the text of the resolution:

WHEREAS the Town of Mississippi Mills was given no authority over a hydro generation expansion project planned for the middle of its urban heritage core—historic downtown Almonte;

AND WHEREAS the Town of Mississippi Mills values a high quality of life for its citizens and the associated economic benefits of tourism and other business in its heritage core;

AND WHEREAS a hydro generation facility in an urban heritage core can have negative visual and aesthetic impacts, and may reduce the attractiveness of the area to tourists, businesses and residents;

AND WHEREAS the hydro generation facility currently provides little economic benefit to the ratepayers of Mississippi Mills;

AND WHEREAS many towns in Ontario have rivers passing through their urban heritage cores;

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Town of Mississippi Mills requests that the Province of Ontario grant Ontario municipalities the authority to control the design, placement, and scale of any structure related to hydro generation in its urban heritage core;

AND THAT a moratorium be placed on any new hydro generation projects in urban heritage cores until the concerns of the municipalities on this subject are satisfied;

AND THAT a copy of this resolution be forwarded to: Hon. Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario; Hon. Glen Murray, Minister of the Environment; Hon. Bill Mauro, Minister of Natural Resources; Hon. Bob Chiarelli, Minister of Energy; the county of Lanark; and the Eastern Ontario Warden’s Caucus;

AND THAT this resolution be circulated to towns in Ontario which have a river running through their urban area with a invitation to send a similar resolution to the Ontario Premier and applicable ministers.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Shaun for your leadership. Whether I agree with Enderdu project or not, I have always stated that it is high time that Mississippi Mills BE the Joneses not LIKE the Joneses.

Phil Warland