Let's Continue the Dialogue to Achieve Our Goals

Last night, the people of Mississippi Mills elected me as their next mayor. Thanks to everyone for your support and encouragement along the way. Thanks for entrusting me with this honour. I will work hard to live up to your expectations.

I look forward to the new Council and the energy and direction the new Councillors bring to the table. I had a great time knocking on doors and discussing issues with folks through these past four months and let’s continue our dialogue through the next fours years.

The tag line of the ShaunForMayor campaign was “Let’s plan the town we all want to live in.” It is an invitation to collaborate. It is a request for grassroots participation in defining and achieving our many community goals.

I have committed to creating mechanisms for collaboration. This includes town hall meetings—open forums where people can ask questions of myself and staff. Expect to see those unfold in 2015. I urge people to create their own meetings—get a group of friends and neighbours together to talk about local or town issues and send me an invite.

I have promised to have public meetings on the annual budget before staff and council begin budget deliberations. Expect the first such meeting in August or September of 2015.
Status: Council turned down this idea.

I promised to initiate Prosperity Meetings with leaders from business, agriculture, culture, education, healthcare and social service sectors to help guide clean and sustainable economic growth. I will begin putting that together early in the New Year. Status: I did form a committee of business people from several disciplines. We have met twice.

I am an advocate for increased tourism. I will explore creative ways to promote our town’s assets, especially our built and cultural heritage, and the charms of our river. Status: Ongoing.

Each new election brings hope and optimism. Please work with me and our new Council to see your expectations become realities.


Mike Caughey said...

Attaboy, Shaun. Will your tag line change to "Reflections of a Small Town Mayor"?