Mayor Levi Reacts to Recent Criticism

Mayor Levi has taken to the virtual pages of the Millstone News to blast Councillor John Edwards and me for allegedly “misrepresenting” his views in the pages of that publication.

In response to my previous blog post (republished by the Millstone News), the Mayor wrote: “One example, that ‘the Mayor is in favour of estate lots’ is totally false. … I would prefer that they be stringently controlled.”

At our February 4 Committee of the Whole meeting, the Mayor moved a motion that Council “approve the creation of estate lots subdivisions.” I immediately asked if he meant “without restrictions.” He replied, “Yes, without restrictions.”

I think anyone following that discourse would arrive at the same conclusion as I: a) the mayor does favor estate lots; and b) he does not advocate stringent controls, despite his recent back-peddling.

In his Millstone News letter, the Mayor mentions an 8-3 vote as proof of the “democratic way.” The only 8-3 vote we have had related to rural development was to suspend the rules (hardly democratic in my opinion) because procedural bungling had backed Council into a corner with two 5-5 tie votes on rural development.

And the mayor goes on in his letter to propose his personal solution to the problem. At the end of our marathon meeting on development on March 6, Council agreed to not make proposals until after hearing from the public. If the Mayor truly cared for the democratic way, he’d keep his personal agenda off the table.