Changes to Waste Management

Updated June 26
Recycling and garbage pickup changed significantly in Mississippi Mills this year. Beginning in June, the blue box pickup accepted a wider range of materials. Also, you no longer need a tag for the first bag of garbage. Beginning in September, a new suite will honor your dump pass.

Staring June 1, you can put all hard-plastic food containers, except Styrofoam, in your blue box. You can also add gabled cardboard containers (e.g. milk or juice cartons), tetra packs (i.e. multi-material beverage containers), and spiral containers. The latter have metal ends and spiral paper sides, and typically contain frozen orange juice or nuts.

Residents in Pakenham will also get weekly blue box pickup instead of bi-weekly. All Pakenham garbage and recycling pickup will be on Tuesday.

Garbage and recycling pickup in Ramsay is on Wednesday for both sides of Wolf Grove Road and March Road plus areas north. South of those roads, collection will be on Thursdays.

Almonte pickup is Wednesday west of the river and Friday east of the river.

Garbage Tags

Starting June 1, everyone is allowed to put one bag or container of garbage out each week (up to 15 kilograms) without a garbage tag. You will be allowed two bags without tags on the weeks following Christmas, New Years and Easter because the town recognizes the seasonal flux of waste.

You will need a tag for a second or subsequent bag or container of garbage. Buy extra tags for $2 each or use any surplus you have. (The town has already distributed tags this year to ease the transition.) Buy tags at town hall on Old Perth Road, the Clayton General Store, or Nicholson's in Pakenham.

The change in the tag policy will encourage use of the extended recycling plan and also save $4500 annually in the cost of printing and distributing tags.

Dump Passes

Every year, Mississippi Mills residents get a free dump pass. It lets you get rid of large items free, one load up to 500 KG, at the Howie Road transfer station on the March Road. That site is open Wednesday (except in winter) and Saturday year round.

Beginning September 1, you will have a second dump choice. The Topps Waste Management site at 9271 Cavanaugh Rd. in Beckwith will honor your dump passes. The site operates Monday through Saturday, and for many Ramsay residents will be much closer. Taking waste to Topps will also save the town about $50 per tonne.

Waste Cost Reduction

On a related issue, the Town negotiated a new waste pickup contract that costs $75 per ton, where the previous charge was $89. This will save over $38,000 per year, which may mean a reduced in the annual waste collection levy.


Cliff Bennett said...

Great leap forward. Congratulations Shaun and to other Council supporters.
Where does one put the gabled containers? WASTE PAPER OR CARDBOARD?

Shaun J. McLaughlin said...

The program is single stream. ALL materials can be co-mingled in the blue box. Residents with large volumes of recyclables are encouraged to separate materials.

The new service simplifies recycling.

Anonymous said...

I love the move forward on recycling. I have been an avid supporter of waste reduction for years, but I must confess that there are times when I have put out more than one bag of garbage in one week and it is not at Xmas. We host the big get together and BBQ in the summer (we have a pig roaster). Last year we bought a smoker (yep, for the BBQ)but it was packed in so much styrofoam, it took up one whole garbage bag. And then there is the dog bed, that even after patching, repairing and even replacing the zipper once, it finally bit the dust. It too took up a whole bag. And ever have one of those mornings when halfway to work, you realise that you forgot to put out the garbage......so next week there will be two. I estimated that there are probably about 5 times a year when I will need to put out more than one bag. So I counted my tags. Luckily for me, my garbage reduction has paid off over the years and I only just started to use my 2012 tags ! I am set for a long time... The 2013 tags will help ease the transition for most people but not for someone moving here. My suggestion is that we allow people to pick up 5 free tags each year to use when they need (not to be mailed out, just available for pick up at town offices). I also talked to a guy who did the garbage contract for many years for 6 municipalities in the area. He said that when garbage pick up was made too restrictive, it only wound up being thrown in ditches.... Just offering some thoughts....

Shaun J. McLaughlin said...

For bags of styro and the old dog bed, we do have at least one large item day each year where you can dump that stuff. You also get one free dump pass. Also, consider teaming up with neighbors. Maybe someone is going on vacation and you can use their quota that week. Be creative. It will work out for most of us.