Budget 2011--Final

After four months of talking about the budget, we finally passed it April 18 with no fanfare.

The 2011 budget will impose the smallest tax increase in about five years: 3%. My aim was to keep it at the inflation rate. (StatsCan reports inflation for the 12 months ending this March was 3.3%.) The Town faces huge increases in energy, police services and other costs of doing business in 2011. There was little else to cut without reducing services.

Property tax is complicated. MPAC raised the average Miss Mills assessment by 7% for 2011. Since taxes are applied to assessment, our 3% hike means the actual tax rate will decrease by 4%. So, the Town’s extra tax revenue is riding on the assessment. What this means for a property assessed at $256,000 (the average) is about $30 more for Miss Mills taxes in 2011.

Education, waste management and county taxes are extra. Fortunately, the education and county portions are modest this year. The actual overall tax increase is estimated at 2.8%. That means about $99 for the average house. So, some of you will pay more and some less.

The only bad news is the waste management levy. It was $219 in 2010. This year, the Carp landfill is closing and it will cost us more per ton to dump garbage elsewhere. Fortunately, we made a lot more from selling recyclables in 2010 and some of that profit will be used to cushion the increase. But, expect a waste levy of about $245 this year, or $26 more.


Phil Warland said...

I've been wondering what had happened to your blog.

My question is there anything that bothered you or you couldn't agree with in the budget?

Shaun McLaughlin said...


I wanted a bit more cut. Council gave the 4 museums an additional $10K. I felt they hadn't effectively harnessed other revenue sources and didn't deserve the extra. Also, the daycare dept seems to need lots of money whereas private daycares are doing just fine without taxpayer help.