Sidewalk Clearing: The Sequel

Following a blizzard of public reaction, Mississippi Mills Council voted January 14 to reinstate sidewalk plowing along Almonte streets that had their snow clearing suspended in December. I think the majority of us felt the earlier decision was not well thought through and we can do better.

At the suggestion of the Town’s Director of Roads & Public Works, Troy Dunlop, staff will develop a sidewalk clearing strategy. The approach, which will cover Almonte, Pakenham, and Clayton, will be based on usage and risk data. It will lay out a multi-tier strategy. Some streets would be cleared as soon as possible, others after some delay, and others maybe never.

The cost of plowing the sidewalks is not huge but trucking away the snow is very costly. The tiered approach allows the roads staff to find some efficiencies.

As I stated in my earlier sidewalk posting, I believe general revenues should cover clearing on main roads and near institutions, but residents should be responsible for the sidewalk on their street. Either pay a fee to have the Town clear it or clear it themselves.

Council will debate the sidewalk clearing issue in June after the immediate demands of winter are behind.

Sidewalk Stats

  • Almonte has 27.7 linear kilometres (km) of sidewalk of which 22 km are now plowed.
  • Pakenham has 3.1 km of sidewalk of which 1.5 km are plowed.
  • Clayton has 0.6 km of sidewalk of which none is plowed yet.
  • Appleton has a few hundred feet of sidewalk which no one has asked the Town to plow.