First Week on Council

On December 6, Town Clerk Cindy Halcrow swore in the new Council. After a brief bit of business—mostly to do with electing the second County Council rep—the meeting adjourned for refreshments. I expect, that will be the shortest Council meeting of the term.

On December 9, I had three meetings about appointments and money.

The first was the striking committee, which I was on due to my first place finish in Ramsay Ward. I, along with Mayor Levi and Councillors, Ferguson and Dalgity, selected the members of Council to sit on the various subcommittees, using each Councillor’s preference list as a guide. Next we selected members of the community to sit on the subcommittees from a list of those who volunteered.

The striking committee appointed me (at my request) to two subcommittees: the property standards committee, which meets only to hear the occasional complaint; and, the community control group (CCG), which meets only during civic emergencies. There are two cool aspects to the CCG: one, I get some emergency response training; two, if we have a civic emergency and the mayor is unable to assume the lead role, I fill in for the mayor.

Update: I later volunteered to sit on the Arts and Culture subcommittee.

The other two meetings were regular gatherings of the standing committees on roads and public works, and recreation and culture. Mostly we talked about spending money.

I found out that the Town has 49 bridge and large culvert structures. Most of these are in the rural wards and have not been repaired for years because past budgets directed taxes and infrastructure grants elsewhere. In order to catch up, we would have to spend about $4 million between now and 2015. Ouch!

I believe we need to cover this deficit without raising taxes by shifting money from other projects and asking for provincial assistance (if available).


Anonymous said...

The Canadian Association of Municipalities just recently appealed to the Federal Government for infrastructure monies tto help upgrade to cope with climate change.