The Campaign is over. Now, the work begins.

After six months of campaigning, including visiting 1751 homes, the people of Ramsay ward in Mississippi Mills elected me one of their four Councillors.

I finished first with just under 70% support. Much of that success I attribute to great advice and hard work from my friends, campaign team, and volunteers.

Watch this blog for weekly posts on being a local politician.
Me at my campaign party October 25, JR's restaurant. (Photo by James Stevenson)


nathan said...

Way to go Shaun. Now, to work.

An excellent test of our new Mayor (who I voted for) is that he follow the lead of Carleton Place's new Mayor and sign a Code of Conduct, and even if one does not exist in MM, that he properly declare any conflicts of interest. Here's how the new mayor of CP is going about her new job:

“I will voluntarily place my personal assets in a blind trust and I will require elected officials to disclose positions held on private, for profit corporations.”

That approach is why she won, and Dulmage got the boot.

I really look forward to a businessman running the Town. John Levis is a clever man who has done much for our community over many years both in his business and charitable/community works. I also look forward to an ethical approach that in no way resembles "the elephant in the room" that became the tainted legacy of CP's past Mayor. People are already concerned about this (for whatever reasons they have, and perception is reality) so it might as well get addressed fully and completely by Mayor Levis and his new Council.

Good luck to you and all your colleagues. Looking forward to great things!

Nathan Rudyk

Joe said...

Congrats Shaun,

Wish you all the best in your new position.

As the son of the current owner of Kingfish Pumping and hopefully future owner, I will watch with great interest what occurs with the septage treatment issue. Something which actually threatens our family business's existence.

Which is (currently) based in Ramsay.


Shaun McLaughlin said...

Joe, I don't believe the Province will ban the spreading of raw septage just in Mississippi Mills; so, your family business should be OK.