Election 2018: First All-Candidates Meeting

I attended the first all-candidates meeting September 12 at the Civitan for candidates running for councillor in two wards. Present for Almonte were Jill McCubbin, Duncan Abbott, Jan Maydan, and John Dalgity. Present for Ramsay were Ken Kicksee, Cynthia Guerard, Bev Holmes, and Tony Barr. John Edwards was away coaching a para-canoe event in Halifax.

Their three-minute speeches closely followed their brochures, so I won’t go into details on their platforms now. Tony Barr announced he’s dropping out.


Blog Hiccup

Sometimes the email feed software behind this blog hiccups and sends out an old item. That happened recently when it sent out an old post about a message to the premier.

Next day eight old posts popped up. Please disregard them all. I have turned off the feed service for now.



Annual Address 2017: 20 Years After Amalgamation

Updated Feb/2018
Each yearend, I reflect on the state of our municipality beyond the controversies of the day. I delivered this message to Council December 19, 2017.

This month marks the end of 20 years of amalgamation. How are we doing?

At present, the financial well-being of the municipal corporation is the best in the history of Mississippi Mills. The economy of Almonte is the strongest it has been since the woolen mills closed.


Embracing Change: Investing in High-Speed Internet

We are fortunate in Mississippi Mills to have a group of residents who, over the last few months, have dedicated hundreds of hours to bringing high-speed Internet to our town, both the rural and urban parts. The group, who call themselves MM2020 or the broadband working group, have badgered the big telcos (Bell and Rogers) to extend high-speed services to our town.