Stand Up to Bullies. Speak Out

Last week, Carleton Place resident Steve Maynard intruded into a Council meeting and served Mississippi Mills Councillor Jill McCubbin with court documents. He claims Jill is ineligible to be a Councillor given her employment with the Library Board.

The Town obtained a legal opinion years ago that confirmed Jill could be both a Councillor and a library employee. Jill has always been open about her dual role. She made sure it was okay before she ran for Council.

Jill is one of the most honest, hard-working and civic-minded people in Almonte. She works tirelessly for her constituents. We cannot allow bullies and vindictive actions to discourage Jill and smart women like her from running.


Maintaining Order in Municipal Chambers

Chairs of Mississippi Mills Council meetings follow procedures laid out in a specific by-law when chairing meetings, and hearing from public delegations and individuals.

The principal legislation governing municipalities is the Municipal Act. In section 238 (2) it states every municipality “shall pass a procedure by-law for governing the calling, place and proceedings of meetings.” In brief, that Act leaves meeting rules up to municipalities.


Embracing Change: Investing in High-Speed Internet

We are fortunate in Mississippi Mills to have a group of residents who, over the last few months, have dedicated hundreds of hours to bringing high-speed Internet to our town, both the rural and urban parts. The group, who call themselves MM2020 or the broadband working group, have badgered the big telcos (Bell and Rogers) to extend high-speed services to our town.


Pakenham School Saved From Closure

One fabulous bit of recent good news has been under-reported. The combined efforts of local residents and your municipal government helped save Pakenham Public School from closure.

Last fall, Pakenham P.S. was one of 29 schools suggested for closure in 2017 by the Upper Canada District School Board (UCDSB) because of poor enrollment. The loss of a community’s only school is often the economic death knell because young families move elsewhere.