Species Protection Can Be Good Business

On June 23, the National Post carried a story detailing how Catherine McKenna, federal minister of environment and climate change, used her powers to stop part of a subdivision development near Montreal. The reason: to protect breeding habitat of the western chorus frog. This frog is a very common seasonal resident in prime subdivision habitat in our area. Should developers worry?


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Problems with Tainted Wellwater

By now, most people in Mississippi Mills know that several dozen families in the south end of Ramsay ward recently learned their well water is, or may be, contaminated by Perfluoroalkylated substances (PFAS). The source is the nearby National Fire Lab on Concession 8, operated by the National Research Council (NRC). The NRC moved quickly to protect people’s health but questions remain about how far the pollution may spread and how long PFAS will stay in the soil and aquifer.


New Mayor Forum Formed

Updated November 12, 2015
On Friday, November 6, I joined twelve other heads of Council in the village of Cloyne (near Bon Echo Park) for the second meeting of the Rural Mayor’s Forum of Eastern Ontario. The Forum, which draws members from five counties, formed to collaborate, and to share experiences and best practices.